At the recent IIUSA & AILA EB-5 Industry Forum, Mr. Charlie Oppenheim, Chief of Immigrant Visa Control & Reporting Division at U.S. Department of State, provides conference attendees with his insights and critical information on EB-5 visa. Within this article, RSCC will keep you – EB-5 investors – updated with key insights and comprehensive data.

Key Data on EB-5 visa used by Vietnam

  1. Vietnam reached its annual percountry cap for the first time.

Although China still keeps its 1st ranking in lights of EB‐5 visa used by country of chargeability, it was only able to receive 48.3% of the total EB‐5 visa annual allocation in FY2018, down from over 75% for the last seven years. In contrast, Vietnam continued to increase its usage of EB‐5 visas and reached its annual per‐country cap (7.1%) for the first time in FY2018. In FY2018, 693 EB‐5 visas were used by applicants from Vietnam, a growth of 47% from FY2017.

Moreover, 6.1% of the FY2018 EB‐5 visa number was used by Indian visa applicants, a substantial growth from 1.7% in FY2017. Korea and Taiwan also had an over 100% growth in EB‐5 visa usage year‐over‐year, accounting for 531 and 452 EB‐5 visas, respectively, in FY2018.

  1. On average, each principal investor from Vietnam could use up to 4 EB5 visas.

On average, approximately 36% of the EB‐5 visas that were used by Chinese applicants in the period FY2015 – FY2018 were issued to principal investors. In contrast, I‐526 petitioners (principal investors) from Vietnam only accounted for 27% of all the EB‐5 visas used by Vietnamese visa applicants. This indicates that on average each principal investor from Vietnam could use up to 4 EB‐5 visas, the lowest ratio among all EB‐5 investor markets.

The data also represents that 40% of the EB‐5 visas that were used by Indian applicants were issued to principal investors. That means each Indian investor could only take approximately 2.5 EB‐5 visas, the highest ratio among all countries of chargeability between FY2015 and FY2018.

  1. 112 EB-5 visa applicants from Vietnam were pending at the National Visa Center (NVC)

According to U.S. Department of State, 1.112 EB‐5 visa applicants from Vietnam were pending at NVC as of October 31, 2018, a growth of 71% year‐over‐year. Mr. Oppenheim predicted that the EB‐5 Final Action Date (FAD) for Vietnam could be May 1, 2016 on the December 2018 Visa Bulletin. In addition, he estimated that approximately 5,008 Vietnamese visa applicants with an approved or filed I‐526 petition currently waiting in the EB‐5 visa queue. Based on the annual EB‐5 visa allocation of 700, it could take 7.2 years to digest all the Vietnamese visa applicants with a priority date earlier than November 2018.

In addition, 509 EB‐5 visa applicants from India were pending at NVC as of October 2018. Mr. Oppenheim also predicted that India could face a FAD on the Visa Bulletin no later than July 2019.

It is crucial to choose prestigious consulting companies to accompany.

With such incredible statistics on the EB-5 visa number, it is seen that immigration investment in the U.S under the EB-5 program is being a choice of most Vietnamese. According to the report of the IIUSA & AILA, the growth rate of EB-5 visa from Vietnamese investors have sharply increased year-over-year. This significant growth has two sides. The EB-5 program has been highly feasible and successful for the whole family of investors compared to others, so the rapid increase in EB-5 visa number is inevitable. However, since the EB-5 market becomes more active, it is harder for investors to choose a professional and whole-hearted consulting companies who keep you accompanied on the path to fulfill the American dream. At the same time, investors are also advised to make decisions quickly in order not to miss opportunities prior to the more challenging changes of the EB-5 program policies.

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